YRTL-05 and YRTL-T3

May 29, 2015 robots , ,

No photos at this time, but I got Wall-E all put together and running and taking input from the T3 remote prototype. It’s been… interesting… getting this working. The code is now up on github, I’m even trying to remember to push the changes every once in a while.

However, Wall-E isn’t working so well. I’m not so sure that it isn’t the NRF code that’s causing (some of) the problems. But I’m also pretty sure the new drive axle/adapter thingies are rubbing and causing a lot of resistance too. Since Wall-E is completely new and untested I have no idea what “normal” is. I may not even have the right motors in there yet (I went with torque over speed first).

I realized, again, that a basic test platform robot would be really handy, again. I’ve been meaning to build one for years but never gotten around to it. Then I realized something else: there’s a Mr. General sitting on the shelf just waiting for something to do. Duh, that’s the experimental bot I need right now. So I plopped a pro mini on it, wired up a spare NRF24L01+, and whipped up some (probably crappy) code and tested the remote on a known drivetrain. Imagine that. So for the sake of sharing, the code used on Mr. General is below.



May 22, 2015


If the Project R idea was drawn in CAD (Crayola Aided Drafting) then this is Cardboard Aided Manufacturing.

Anyway, here’s a prototype of the remote project.

YRTL-T3 – Remote Control

May 13, 2015 electronics, robots , , ,


A remote controller is something I’ve been wanting/meaning to build for quite some time now. Like years. I just never really had anything that required one. Now the Wall-E project is at the point where a remote would come in rather handy. So I guess it’s time I get something done.

The original, back-in-the-day idea was to use infrared, but they’ve since made this 2.4GHz thing easily available and I now have a handful of el cheapo knockoff NRF24L01+ modules. So Wall-E gets one, and the remote will get another (leaving me two more to play with). I’m going to use my knockoff Arduino Mega to run the thing. I’ll throw the SeeedStudio touchscreen and protoshield on it, and probably a couple of pots and switches and buttons. I’ve been hanging on to old r/c parts for ever, including the remote for my old Sabre helicopter which is busted and hanging from the garage ceiling, so it will at least donate it’s joystick(?) and battery pack parts. I think I may try to hack up the top portion of the remote to hold the Arduino and screen bits. If that fails I guess I’ll have to make a custom housing out of something. That 1/8″ fiber board worked pretty well for the power supply (also visible in this picture, as well as the old calculator that prompted the PS build) so I may go that route if necessary.