Parts from Atmel

March 10, 2015 electronics , ,

(My phone’s autosuggest wanted to title this post “party’s from atmel”, mwahaha)

UPS came today with my recent free sample order. It includes a little WiFi module that should be a blast to play with. I don’t know much about it, but it seems this is to be the basis of the next Wi-Fi shield from arduino. Though many things I read suggest that it should have become available in January.


The phone camera isn’t quite cooperating, but that’s an ATWINC1500 WiFi module and an attiny85. There was also an atmega1284 for kiddo to use. The tiny85 is interesting though, as it was supposed to be a 328p, and the packing slip says a 328p was shipped. Oops. Oh well.

I think it may be… interesting… to get the atwinc1500 to work. First off, I’m already tired of typing atwinc, so I’m gonna call it twinkie from now on. Second, it’s got that itty bitty castellated solder pad getup going on. I think I’ll just solder some wires on so I can breadboard it. If the project it’s for ever goes anywhere there’ll be a real PCB to footprint it on.