First custom parts

May 5, 2015 3D, robots , ,


Well, this is a pic of the second one. The first one worked okay with minor drill work so I figured to just do the second one the same way. These are just axle embiggeners for the Wall-E project.


The bottom one is what connected the single motor to the treads, the top one is the 3D printed one that’ll allow two separate motors to drive the robot. The flattened-circle hole that was supposed to slip over the motor shaft was a bit too small, but grabbing it with pliers and drilling opened it up enough to jam it in place.

I have printed out a few things from Thingiverse already. There are a few helper bits on the Printrbot, and I finally got a case for my Bus Pirate, as well as a snazzy NES looking case for kiddo’s Raspberry Pi. This is the first time I ventured into making my own though. It is so friggin awesome to be able to draw a part and have it in my hands twenty minutes later. Now I need to work on my grasp of CAD software…


February 15, 2015 electronics, robots , ,

Yeah, I know better. Seems I had a brain fart and powered the two servo headers from the Arduino’s 5V rail instead of VIN. So the power hungry knockoff MG996R servos cause a brownout when they run. So far T2 only does one thing, and it doesn’t do it properly… argh.

Encoder board and motor controller

November 17, 2013 electronics, robots ,

These have been done and sitting for a couple weeks. Now I’m finally getting around to playing again.

imageWheel encoder board. Two QRD1114 and a 74LS14 to square up the signal.

imageMotor controller. Built on a leftover protoboard from Gadget Gangster with an ATMega328 at 16MHz (yes, running as an Arduino) and a Pololu TB6612FNG motor driver. The two wheel encoders go to the interrupt pins. The little surface mount chip still needs its connections soldered up, it’ll be the 3.3v-to-5v I2C translator between this and the BeagleBone Black.

Now it’s time to get to some coding to see this thing actually spin its wheels.

Wheel encoders

November 1, 2013 electronics, robots ,


Breadboarded wheel encoder. ATMega328 on the left, 74LS14 in the middle, QRD1114 on the right.


QRD1114 on a radio shack proto board. So far it seems to work as expected. Guess it’s time to build the second one.


October 30, 2013 electronics , ,


My first experience at soldering a surface mount part. Not as bad as I’d feared. Though it’s the only smt thing I needed to do. I imagine doing this a lot would get pretty tedious.

That’s an ADuM1250 from Analog, which is an I2C level converter. It’ll be the translator between the 3.3V BeagleBone Black and the 5V motor controller that I’ve yet to build.

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