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May 5, 2016 toys, Vapes ,

Forgot to post this one the other day

CrazyFlie 2.0

July 20, 2015 toys



So it seems I, or rather Project R, won a CrazyFlie 2.0 in a Hackaday contest. (or rather, !) Pretty awesome, huh? I thought so. Thanks HaD!

The sucky part? I received it in the mail the day I started my new job, so I had to wait until the evening to put it together and play with it. Pretty fun little doowhackey as it turns out. Which brings me to the other sucky part: Unfortunately my phone is too dumb to drive it, no BTLE 1, so I have to borrow either my son’s or my wife’s phone to play for now (no, I wasn’t smart enough to add the crazyradio to the order).

I’ll be getting a new phone in a couple months or so, but it also turns out I don’t much care for using a phone to fly it. It just doesn’t feel very natural to me. Eventually I’ll grab a crazyradio and be able to use a gamepad or something. But before that happens I had a brain thing; I should make my remote project fly my crazyflie! So, now that I’ve got my weekend (I’m off Monday and Tuesday), in addition to finally posting about the ‘flie, I’m gonna start fiddling with some code and see if I can get that started. Fun times ahead!