My First Instructable

I made an app-controlled alphabet board (inspired by Stranger Things) as a Christmas gift for my niece. Before I was done I decided I wanted one myself, so I went ahead and made an Instructable so anyone can build one. Enjoy 馃檪 light up alphabet board

January 9, 2018 路 Rudolph

CrazyFlie 2.0

So it seems I, or rather Project R, won a CrazyFlie 2.0 in a Hackaday contest. (or rather, !) Pretty awesome, huh? I thought so. Thanks HaD! The sucky part? I received it in the mail the day I started my new job, so I had to wait until the evening to put it together and play with it. Pretty fun little doowhackey as it turns out. Which brings me to the other sucky part: Unfortunately my phone is too dumb to drive it, no BTLE, so I have to borrow either my son鈥檚 or my wife鈥檚 phone to play for now (no, I wasn鈥檛 smart enough to add the crazyradio to the order)....

July 20, 2015 路 Rudolph


If the Project R idea was drawn in CAD (Crayola Aided Drafting) then this is Cardboard Aided Manufacturing. Anyway, here鈥檚 a prototype of the remote project. cardboard prototype

May 22, 2015 路 Rudolph

Wheel encoders installed

These have been done and sitting for a couple weeks. Now I鈥檓 finally getting around to playing again. Wheel encoder board Two QRD1114 and a 74LS14 to square up the signal. Motor controller Built on a leftover protoboard from Gadget Gangster with an ATMega328 at 16MHz (yes, running as an Arduino) and a Pololu TB6612FNG motor driver. The two wheel encoders go to the interrupt pins. The little surface mount chip still needs its connections soldered up, it鈥檒l be the 3....

November 17, 2013 路 Rudolph

Wheel encoders

Breadboarded wheel encoder. ATMega328 on the left, 74LS14 in the middle, QRD1114 on the right. QRD1114 on a radio shack proto board. So far it seems to work as expected. Guess it鈥檚 time to build the second one.

November 1, 2013 路 Rudolph