First custom parts

May 5, 2015


Well, this is a pic of the second one. The first one worked okay with minor drill work so I figured to just do the second one the same way. These are just axle embiggeners for the Wall-E project.


The bottom one is what connected the single motor to the treads, the top one is the 3D printed one that’ll allow two separate motors to drive the robot. The flattened-circle hole that was supposed to slip over the motor shaft was a bit too small, but grabbing it with pliers and drilling opened it up enough to jam it in place.

I have printed out a few things from Thingiverse already. There are a few helper bits on the Printrbot, and I finally got a case for my Bus Pirate, as well as a snazzy NES looking case for kiddo’s Raspberry Pi. This is the first time I ventured into making my own though. It is so friggin awesome to be able to draw a part and have it in my hands twenty minutes later. Now I need to work on my grasp of CAD software…