YRTL-07, Junior

March 1, 2015


After the last pic of 7 I decided I should probably start a bit simpler, especially since two of the six servos were plastic geared anyway. So I reduced the design to a shameless copy of the Brat Jr. from LynxMotion. I also snagged the appropriate arduino code from Lynxmotion’s github and grabbed a pro mini knockoff embiggener from the pile. Se7en Jr. actually walked under its own power for a bit there, something a biped of mine hasn’t ever actually done for more than a few seconds before.

But all good things must end, or something, and Se7en Jr. is no exception. I have now doubled my collection of mg996r servos so junior is about to be dismembered and rebuilt with four DOF per leg. I figured I should at the very least pop up a photo of the kneeless 7 for historical purposes.