New blog. Again…

October 14, 2013

I’ve been fairly absent from the interwebs for the last few years. Yeah, I’ve been perusing and reading in that time, just not adding anything. A year or so ago I started fiddling with old-style hand tool woodworking. When that happened I started reading a bunch of woodworking blogs, which made me kinda miss being a contributor. A little bit, anyway. Then within the last couple months I started playing with my robots and electronics stuff again. With that I realized I sure could use some more intelligent way of keeping logs and stuff. It finally hit me, I should set up a blog again. Maybe I’ll even try to use it this time. So I dusted off my old downinit.com (I’ve had it since 1998) and got installing.

I also figured I could use a place to keep notes and diagrams and whatnot. So in addition to the blog here I’ve also installed a wiki. It’s not an open wiki, since it’s for me to keep my notes organized and available across multiple devices. I figure that whatever I’d keep in a paper notebook I can put on the web instead. I’m not totally convinced a wiki is the right way to go though, so it may disappear at some point. We’ll see just how much I use it.

There are a couple other things I’ve got in mind to set up here too. While I’ve found Pocket to be quite useful I’d much rather keep things in my own database. Same story with Feedly. And my bookmarks. And passwords. So, plans include a Pocket/Bookie hybrid of my own creation, some kind of web interface to rss2email, and some kind of password manager. All of these give me a good reason to learn about making web apps in Python. I figure I might also dabble with putting together an android app so I can use ’em on my phone too.

Wonder  how much of this I’ll actually accomplish before getting sidetracked.