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Went for a walk with the missus the other day in a park in Redlands. Wouldn’t you know, we came across at least half a dozen squirrels. Naturally I had (have) not yet put together a cromulent way to add photos to the blog… I did, however, get WireGuard sorted out during the week. Now to figure out a decent works-for-me mobile workflow since Working Copy can now talk to the Gitea server at home....

May 26, 2022 · Rudolph

Blog Reboot

Yeah, it’s been a while, but I think it’s time to start keeping a log. Again. I’ve been playing a lot lately with homelab stuff. Like acquiring way overkill hardware to be able to spin up just a couple VMs. Or adding a really fancy router and POE switch so I can put separate wifi access points in opposite ends of the house. In doing all that over the last year....

May 18, 2022 · Rudolph

My First Instructable

I made an app-controlled alphabet board (inspired by Stranger Things) as a Christmas gift for my niece. Before I was done I decided I wanted one myself, so I went ahead and made an Instructable so anyone can build one. Enjoy 🙂 light up alphabet board

January 9, 2018 · Rudolph

CrazyFlie 2.0

So it seems I, or rather Project R, won a CrazyFlie 2.0 in a Hackaday contest. (or rather, !) Pretty awesome, huh? I thought so. Thanks HaD! The sucky part? I received it in the mail the day I started my new job, so I had to wait until the evening to put it together and play with it. Pretty fun little doowhackey as it turns out. Which brings me to the other sucky part: Unfortunately my phone is too dumb to drive it, no BTLE, so I have to borrow either my son’s or my wife’s phone to play for now (no, I wasn’t smart enough to add the crazyradio to the order)....

July 20, 2015 · Rudolph


If the Project R idea was drawn in CAD (Crayola Aided Drafting) then this is Cardboard Aided Manufacturing. Anyway, here’s a prototype of the remote project. cardboard prototype

May 22, 2015 · Rudolph