New server, yet again

August 16, 2017

Alrighty, darthrudolph.com is all moved over to a DigitalOcean droplet of its own. Got the LetsEncrypt SSL cert installed and working. Found a bunch of incorrect img embeds that were to the non-https link so those are fixed now too and I have a green padlock on every page. Woot. Got the theme all moved in too. The Glyphicons were broken for some reason, it was looking in ../ for fonts/ instead of looking in the actual theme dir. Just cp-ed the fonts dir up one and they all show up again.

Hello world!

August 15, 2017

This is a post on the new server. I will get the theme and stuff brought over after DNS updates and I get SSL happening.

Oh yeah

May 5, 2016 toys, Vapes ,

Forgot to post this one the other day


April 24, 2016 Vapes ,

An open letter to RobotShop and LetsMakeRobots.com

September 27, 2015 robots

Below is the letter I also just sent to RobotShop via their Contact Us link on LetsMakeRobots.com


My name is Del Rudolph, aka Rudolph, aka /user/812 on LetsMakeRobots.com

Please remove all of my content and my user account from LetsMakeRobots.com as soon as possible. I do not agree to having any of my work or photographs used by RobotShop in any way.

If, by chance, there is still any of my code running in Drupal, you may keep that. I hereby publicly transfer ownership of that PHP and/or Javascript in the Drupal codebase to RobotShop.

Del Rudolph


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